As photography comes from the Greek writing with light" light, its colours and even lack of light (shadows) play a vital part in successful photography. In my previous images I have played with coloured light, creating a bokeh effect and experimenting with how different colours of light Effect the mood of a picture. We associate different moods with different coloUr lights and each of these have positive and negative associations.
For example the colour green is usually associated with nature where it is the predominant coloUr but in a negative aspect it becomes the colour of poison and sickness. In my images l also experimented with the positioning of the light to produce shadows and the effect that those have on how the audience perceives the photograph. In the two pictures with no coloUred lighting the subjects (Mickey Mouse and Vision) appear quite
two dimensional against the black and white background. By illuminating Vision with a green light, initially from the side, it makes him appear more sinister and the side lighting makes him three dimensional as shadows are formed. By lighting the figure with the same green but underneath produces more shadows on his face especially around the eyes and makes him look distinctly more menacing. 
The photographs of the Mickey figure show Mickey lit from below and from the back. Comparing the two photographs lit from below the pink light makes the figure seem cute and appealing, maybe because pink is a colour associated with babies and youth. The orange light however gives exactly the same figure a more evil look an effect that occurs just by changing the colour of the light. The pink back lit photograph makes the
figure look like it has just stepped into the photograph and is encouraging the viewer to step back into the light with it.

With the Storm trooper Lego figureheads I tried lighting this figure from the top at first but this did not emphasis the details of the face so I moved the lighting back underneath which gave me a more improved detail. I used a background of Star Wars wallpaper which under the lights glowed TO give the starships and stars background. This really helped to bring out the light coloUrs. My favourite pictures were the ones light underneath With blue and red lights as they immediately became binary opposites with the blue one looking like a good character but the red one looking more Sinister again showing how a change in lighting colour can change the perception of a photograph.

other important lighting effect is high and low key lighting. In the "bright" high key photograph of the Stormtrooper all of the details of the face CAn be seen as the shadows are reduced and the whites very noticeable. The overall image is positive. In the low key "darker" picture the blacks AND greys are the most noticeable colours in the picture and there is more contrast. The image looks more threatening.

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