For my final piece I returned to the pictures of Avanaut for my inspiration. I took Lego minifigure space ships and suspended them above the camera so that they had movement. I used a shutter speed priority mode to capture the blur of the movement whilst ensuring that the ISO was set at 100 and the aperture small to ensure I did not overexpose the image by letting too much light into the camera. By gently swinging the models I was able to capture the blurred motion which made them look as if they were speeding through the sky. By capturing them with no background except the sky the illusion of forced perspective was maintained.
I removed the sky background from the original image using the Magic Eraser App on my iPad pro. Using ProCreate I used an image taken at night of falling snow which had the appearance of stars as the background layer and created layers of my cut out image on top. By using the soft airbrush (60% opacity) I was able to blur the edges of the top image so it blended in with the back ground more successfully. Finally I used the light stencil tool in ProCreate to add the effect of lights. 
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